Lo-Wei Bruno, RN

Lo-Wei Bruno
 Lo-Wei Bruno is a Certified Oncology Nurse who continues to provide compassionate care to cancer patients in Las Vegas, Nevada. Currently working on her master’s degree in Family Nurse Practitioner, she has taken on a new role as the first stem cell transplant nurse for the pioneering Transplant Cellular Therapy Program by Sarah Cannon in Nevada, caring for patients with blood cancers and other blood disorders. 

She is a Daisy Award nominee and a 2-time iCARE award winner for professional patient care. She worked diligently to establish and develop the Outpatient Infusion Department at MountainView Hospital and consulted with efforts to establish a similar department in a sister hospital.

Lo-Wei is passionate about teaching and advocating for patients and is consistently requested by name to care for her patients. She regularly participated in presentations in the Cancer Support Group at the hospital. Her dedication to teaching has led her to health content writing in an effort to reach a larger audience and believes that knowledge is the most powerful advocate for patients.